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Creating the Atmosphere for the Presence of G-d to Dwell
"Seasons of the Soul"
Holistic Teaching on the Jewish Holiday Cycle Produced by Chuck Davis       This video is a wonderful teaching tool on the Feasts of the Lord. As we understand and embrace each moment, we grow closer to G~d.      Illustration by Sandy Pond Illustrations are available in a variety of sizes Seasons of the Soul soundtrack is available through Sheldon Sands
The Potter's Hand
Sandy Pond - Bzalel Studio 25 min. Teaching: G-d is the Potter we are the clay. VHS $15 DVD $15               This 20 minute video has been used  for many sessions of teaching .  If you have an opportunity for Sandy to teach or demonstrate please email for details.
Davidic Praise Restored
Beautiful teaching tape produced by Jewish Jewels, featuring Sandy’s picture of the 'Dancing with Fire' print.
The Covenant
            DVD, or VHS                         In 2004, Sandy had the opportunity to be part of the stage production of "The Covenant" on tour in Israel.  This production was seen by over 6000 Israelis during its tour in the holy land.      Sandy was again part of the stage production in April of 2006 in Los Angeles, California.
Cover art by Sandy Pond
Norine Cheneys'  first book is a cry for holiness. The Lord says, "  Holy for I Am Holy." Through the process of dreams, visions, life lessons, and G-d's word, Norine shares her own quest for holiness. to order her book:
Cover Art by Sandy Pond
Available at
Holistic Haggadah
by Michael L. Kagan Michael's  Haggadah is a year long journey, "deepening " the experience as our being "intensifies”!
Illustrated by Sandy Pond to order prints:  
to order the book visit:
Custom murals can be done in any room or wall, inside or out. Contact Sandy to discuss your ideas!
20' long mural on the wall could have been viewed outside of High Places Judaic Store on 28th street in Boulder, Colorado. The Ark sits high  above the murky waters!! Hebrew letters fall from above, creating the rainbow,. The  letters again appear going into the window of the Ark, or do they come out? The scriptures are from: Isa. 54:9, Zech. 4:11, Jer. 30:10 and Isa. 43:1
                    The  Eastern Gate wall unit has been used for many functions over the years. Here it adds dimension and beauty to the sanctuary. The floors were old cement hand painted to look like the streets in Jerusalem.  The swirls on the wall above the gate are Hebrew prayers.
Walls, Floors, and Props
Music-related projects have become a specialty, including CD Inserts, covers and stage sets.
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